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You can read the ASP. NET 4 Unleashed book on our website emmabowey. The most comprehensive book on Microsoft's new ASP. NET development. Led by Microsoft ASP.

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NET program manager Stephen Walther, an expert author team thoroughly covers the entire platform. The authors first introduce the ASP. NET Framework's basic controls and show how to create common site-wide layouts and styles. Next, they cover all aspects of accessing, presenting, organizing, and editing data. You'll find thorough and practical sections on building custom components and controls, providing effective site navigation, securing sites and applications, and much more. This book presents hundreds of realistic code examples, reflecting the authors' unsurpassed experience with ASP.

NET both inside and outside Microsoft. Just click the Downloads tab at the website. I had a lot of help writing this book. Charlie Poole — one of the primary developers behind the very popular NUnit unit testing framework — helped me with the chapters on test-driven development. And Scott Guthrie provided much appreciated encouragement while writing the book Scott managed to get his MVC book out a month before mine while being a vp at Microsoft — Scott just scares me. The book is targeted at developers who have no background in MVC, test-driven development, unit testing frameworks, or mock object frameworks.

The goal is to provide you with enough context so you can understand the motivation behind Microsoft building the ASP. My hope is that if you are an ASP. Thats cool Stephen. How about blogging little bit more, I always look forward to your blog posts but lately, its not updated often. I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the book which I ordered at amazon. Well done Stephen! Stephen, great! I think you had at one time C and VB. NET, as although the book is thinner than your previous one it still could save few pages and be more portable. I watched the screencast you did with Charlie, were good but I hope examples in book will be more advanced, as it was really just the basics.

NET Unleashed last week living in Sweden and have read about half of the book until now. I have an edition of the ASP. I preordered the book and it was definetly worth the wait. Definetly will recommend at the Tampa MVC user group.

lunsorose.ml MVC Framework Unleashed in Bookstores! | Stephen Walther

The book is great, thanks you. Any help for this? Are you sure that you have the release version of ASP. I just tried installing MVC on a fresh laptop and opening the samples and I did not encounter any issues.

ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed in Bookstores!

My only complaint is that in the code example of the chapter 5 the GeneralRepository project is missing. Could You tell me where can I download it from? The Generic Repository is located in the CommonCodeGenericRepository folder should have done a better job calling this out in the book. I bought your book and loving it.

ASP.NET Unleashed

Also I wish you would have talked about foreign key relationships in Entity Framework like this is my first EF project and I could not figure out where the FKs where or how to add a value to the FK column. Listing 3. It does not display any news item at all when script is disabled in the browser….

I saw your videos about MVC Framework. Its better to read books, than watching at your face in every frame of learning videos. What license terms govern the software downloads? Sharp concept with the generic repository, btw. The book is fantastic. Nice job.

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I looked up locamarkets. I am starting up a local market project. So far I really enjoy the book. I really think the books complement each other. Theirs is a good initial walkthrough and yours goes into more depth, particularly on TDD.

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Thanx for including us die hards. Pls advise, Thx, Robert. There was a previous post inquiring about where errata can be found.

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The last figure, 9. Thanks for the book and videos, on asp. Then I get a message the project type is not supported by this installation. Any idea!!

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Thanks for a great book. That said I did find an oversight in chapter Early in the chapter you create a blank BlogEntry class. Towards the end of the chapter you create the EntityFrameworkBlogRepository class that makes use of a completed BlogEntry class, but nowhere in between do you mention fleshing out the BlogEntry class. At that point it was nice to get back to work with chapter 17, until the BlogEntry clas issue came up. However, once I implemented it on my site, it seems to have affected ASP. After its implementation, the site does not show the Error. Instead, it redirects with a saying the GenericError.

Could you please, let us know how, implementing the Application Controller the book suggests, make the site show the Error. Companies tend not to realize when they create security holes from day-to-day operation. It has been 9 weeks and it is graduation day for our latest troop of students. NET bootcamp. The sixth week was all about Agile. The students learn how to participate on an Agile team. They learn how to create a Product […]. I taught the fifth week of the FullStack. NET bootcamp last week and the week was devoted to building mobile apps.