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La saga des Montforte, Tome 1 : L'indomptable. EUR 6, EUR 0, Format Kindle. Livres de Danelle Harmon The Wild One by Danelle Harmon I was not aware of this at the time, but as you read, it makes sense in a good way!

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This is simultaneously a good thing and a bad thing, though the only downsides of this The de Montforte Series — full length novels — Danelle Harmon's de Montforte brothers are each delicious, and every book is better than the last. So how was she supposed to act now that she was sharing her life with him? There is only one thing a new wife on the verge of falling in love can do--try to win her husband's wary heart.

Danelle Harmon: A Dacos. But he was also so vulnerable and so unbelievably alone I just wanted to hug him! Thankfully, Celsie figured it out and she was just the right one for him, in my opinion. I can't say I much like Gareth or Charles still - they do well as supporting characters, in a sense. I can't wait to read his book! Fingers cros Oh goodness, I loved Andrew!

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Fingers crossed it doesn't disappoint. Nov 14, Melinda Mulcahy rated it really liked it. I seemed to devour this series like a box of Lindt truffle balls. These droll scenes alone were enough to credit the book with all four stars.

Jan 01, RomanceCritic rated it it was amazing. I love this book so much. I love the characters in this book, they were interesting.

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I love how caring and understanding Celsie was about Andrew. They were both very sweet to each other. This book is unique. The hero and heroine was likeable and believable. I loved this book! Intriguing and heartrending. It kept me up past my bedtime to finish in a blast of action, then intrigue! Another satisfying purchase!

I liked the dog references. The turnspits were well described. The foreshadowing was not too distracting.

I must read the next book! Great This was great. I have enjoyed the first two and am now looking foreword to the fourth. Get it and enjoy it yourself. I love this book just as much as the first 2. The best yet. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can't wait to read the next installment! Feb 21, Sarah rated it really liked it. I loved it. The aphrodisiac was hilarious.

Andrew and Celsie were great. I wish they had figured out what was wrong with Andrew. But otherwise a fun easy read. Bonus points for putting Freckles on the cover. He has a fierce temper and a terrible relationship with his older brother who apparently exerts considerable focus to get his younger brothers married using Machiavellian means.


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True to form he has his hand forcing his Andrew into marriage. He picks the bride and sets in motion the events. All Lord Andrew wants is to be left alone, genius that he is, work in his laboratory and not bother with society, particular since his near death in a fire which has him experiencing odd moments of confusion and delusion. While there Lady Celsiana verbally confronts him about his abuse of poor defenseless animals.

Lady Celsiana loves animals; she works tirelessly to teach people how animals should be treated and to prevent the turnspit little dog who works to turn the meat on a spit in the kitchen from malicious treatment by the job that it is forced to do.

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The servant takes her to Lord Andrew instead-- undoubtedly under the orders of Lucien-- who happens to be still abed. Review: Both Lord Andrew and Lady Celsiana are hot-tempered, intelligent people with a love of nature and animals. They by their very natures find themselves in hilarious circumstances reacting in an outrageous manner for this historical time period.

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I particularly found their jocular situations amusing. Admittedly, I was laughing out loud, tears streaming down my cheeks. An added bonus to the story was learning about the plight of a dog known as the turnspit, who unfortunately is now extinct. Lady Celsiana had taken it upon herself to educate people of the living conditions of the work dog hoping to lighten their load. There were many that thought she had a screw missing when she hosted a ball and asked her guests to bring their dogs. I leave you several links giving some history of this dog who was considered ugly and the miserable job they were put to.

These dogs performed in arduous jobs in various large mansions, castles, taverns and country inns. Lord Blackheath with his extremely dry demeanor and crafty mind frankly lends more delightful moments of laughter, since as a reader you know what he is doing and how he feels where the rest of the cast does not.

As with the rest of the series, the author leaves us with a gasp of unbelievable glee as we get a glimpse of the next story. Andrew is a scientist and thinks that he is a mad scientist. He keeps seeing things that aren't there. He is also an inventor. His latest invention is an aphrodisiac which he created accidentally. He had no idea what he put in it. But just a taste drove his dogs to mate enthusiastically.

Celsiana is an animal lover and when Andrew's brother hints that he is experimenting on animals she comes to the rescue. She finally understands that he was not experimenting on the dogs. She asks for some of th Andrew is a scientist and thinks that he is a mad scientist. She asks for some of the potion for a horse she wants to breed.

The Defiant One

He accuses her of experimenting on animals so she offers to take some herself to prove she wouldn't give anything to her animals that she wouldn't use herself. Well the potion caused a reaction she didn't expect that she couldn't control and ended up putting them in an embarrassing situation which led to the expectation that they would marry. The two refused which led to a duel between her brother and Andrew.

Andrew, the youngest de Montforte brother, is different. Start with the fact that, unlike other young bloods his age, he cares little for social activities and typical masculine pursuits and everything for science. Add the fact that he struggles with "episodes" that convince him he's going mad. The only place he feels safe is his lab, and he wants to be left alone there. As for Celsiana Blake, she's all about her causes, and doesn't want to marry anyone , particularly Andrew.

Naturally, his Machiav Andrew, the youngest de Montforte brother, is different. Naturally, his Machiavellian brother Lucien has other ideas. When Andrew accidentally creates an aphrodisiac that makes for an unlikely love affair among the family's four-legged members… …Lucien reports the animal experimentation to Celsie, knowing she'll go after Andrew.

And he makes sure the two will be very publicly exposed in a compromising situation. There's no help for it—the two of them must marry. Both of them resent the manipulations that put them in this situation, and someone else has issues with it, too. The resulting attempted murders, and the introduction of a character with a totally different agenda entirely give the story a very neat twist, and the mystery surrounding Andrew's "issues" also kept me turning pages.

While I liked the way the characters learned to trust each other, it was a bit too much about the relationship to suit me. However, it did set up the final story in the series, and I liked seeing how Lucien will finally meet his comeuppance. Andrew de Montforte's only desire was to be left alone. Strong willed, a complete loner, and subject to fits of temper truly made him a tortured hero I couldn't help but love. When he's forced into marriage to independently outspoken Celsiana Blake, something neither of them want Andrew's character definitely needed a woman with strength, and backbone and he certainly found that in Celsie, she was amazing.